Leher works on children’s rights in India. It knew that the most effective way to create awareness and action was to get digitally savvy Indian youth to join its cause. However, though causes are big among Indian youth online – data indicated that children’s rights were not top of mind for them.

Our job was to find out why this was the case, and also what kind of a children’s rights cause would connect with these youth. We began with a brainstorm with Leher and creative agency teams, to create a starter bank of provocations around children’s rights in India. Then we took these into design thinking workshops with Indian youth to spark off our discussions with them.

Despite children’s rights not being top of mind for the ‘privileged breed’ we met, some of the provocations we took in hit home, while others took on even greater urgency. In the end, we zeroed in on 3 potentially viral-able issues for Leher to connect with Indian youth on. Each of them is a deep-rooted cultural issue that is ripe to be addressed, for the privileged and underprivileged alike.

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