Why ‘research’ people when you can co-create with them? We conduct labs with customers, influencers, experts and other market insiders to solve a variety of briefs, across many spaces (from venues, to homes, stores, and digital platforms). All of our labs are designed around:

  • Hands-on exercises, not just Q&A
  • Real-life evidence, not just ‘stimulus’
  • Socio-cultural dynamics, e.g. meeting friends / family together
  • Personal solutions for brand and business briefs


Why just talk to people when you can get them to show and tell? We make sure that people bring in real-life evidence from their lives into the labs we run, so that everything we co-create in them is rooted in reality.


There is no substitute for being able to step into people’s lives and to ‘see’ through their eyes. We use popular chat platforms to do this – by getting people to submit self-ethnographic evidence from their lives, in rich-media formats like photos, videos, text and voice messages, emoticon ratings, etc.


The best way to get people excited enough to solve your brief than to let them experience your product, or even a prototype of it. We typically run product trials (and / or deprivations) to feed into other methodologies, like digital diaries and labs.


Need a quick check on the sentiment around a phenomenon, trend, product, campaign or brand? Our pulse checks are designed to report back to you within a week, by snowballing phone interviews within our diverse networks.

Trends & TrackingPanels

We put together bespoke panels to track trends, categories, and competition. These panels can include customers, influencers, experts, other market insiders, or indeed a mix of these profiles – reporting in on what’s happening, while its happening!


Many of our clients have vast knowledge archives, with reports ranging from qualitative and quantitative studies, to market, sales and lab reports. We specialize in connecting the dots between them with a fresh pair of eyes and a people’s perspective.

Category & CompetitionMapping

People look at your category and competition in very personal ways that we tune into on a daily basis. We bring all of this experience to the table for mapping categories and brands within them, from a people’s point of view.


In any category, there is a limit to what people can tell you. Semiotics is the science of breaking these limits by revealing what people can’t articulate and may not even be conscious of. We apply semiotics to arrive at forensic clarity on many such elements, from product sensorials, materials and aesthetics to brand values and propositions.


Taking a market safari with customers, influencers, experts, and other market insiders can be a revelatory experience. We design a wide range of such Market Safaris – from those that help international teams get a crash course on India, to those that help local teams see their category from a people’s POV.


Are your customers happy? What helped their purchase journey, what got in the way? Which moment in it was their ‘moment of truth’? We specialize in mystery shopping with your customers to answer questions like this. And for the right brief, we also step into their shoes to do it ourselves.


Imagine getting the right customers, domain experts and bloggers into a room with your team to hack your brief with you. We design and run such hackathons to solve briefs for any category – not just technology!

Tell us your hacks- we'd love to keephacking with you!