Atomberg is a young Indian start-up whose goal is to make path-breaking tech products that solve invisible problems in people’s lives. This is no mean task in a world where innovation is all about better tech that is also increasingly more expensive! hyprlocl’s job was to profile the emerging ‘tech-mindsets’ that a brand like Atomberg must be inspired by.

We met lifestyle tech buyers across Indian cities and ran Design Thinking Labs with them, both at venues and in their homes. The fodder for these labs included image banks of top lifestyle tech products brought in by participants, plus draft brand concepts for Atomberg.
Our report is being used to chart the disruption strategy for Atomberg already. Our biggest realization? Products become visible when they move from being ‘dumb’ to ‘smart’. For example, just adding a remote control and energy efficiency to a simple ceiling fan, dramatically changes the value people see in it 🙂

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