ORRA is one of India’s top diamond jewelry brands – and at the heart of its business are affluent Indian brides-to-be and their Great Indian Weddings. hyprlocl’s task was to help define a new positioning space inspired by them, along with semiotic guidelines for branding – in close partnership with chlorophyll, ORRA’s brand and communications consultancy.

We ran Design Thinking Labs across Indian cities, with brides-to-be AND their closest influencers for wedding planning (mothers, sisters, friends, etc.) Each of them brought in images of top wedding references (clothes, jewellery, events, décor, locations, et al) into these labs. With this real-life fodder in place, we mapped and collaged their wedding mindsets and decision making + the role of jewelry and diamonds in their weddings and married lives + the semiotics of new positioning spaces inspired by them.

Our biggest realization? Especially in a category that feels as tradition bound as weddings in India, the m ost exciting new possibility is not just something trendy – it is pulling off a personal take on it all 😉

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